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Using ReadingLists@Brighton

ReadingLists@Brighton is the university's online reading list system providing access to resources recommended by teaching staff.

To access your reading list follow this link to the ReadingLists@Brighton home page and search for your module. Alternatively select the Reading List link from the module page in My Studies.

If you need extra help then email us at:

Getting Started

Filtering your list:

To display only online resources, select "Filter: All" and select "Online Resource". 

You can also filter by importance of reading and any personal notes you may have added.
Image of Filter All option used to show jphysical resource, online resource, importance of reading on ReadingLists@Brighton list

Selecting the title of a reading list entry will provide further information about the resource.



Select the book title to display current availability.
Click "View other formats/editions" to see
if there is an E-book or different edition available. 
Image of library book resource on on ReadingLists@Brighton list

Online resources:

Select "VIEW ONLINE" to access full text of Articles, E-books and Websites.

 Image of online resource showing associated view online link on ReadingLists@Brighton list

​Report a broken link as follows. Log in using your University username and password. Click the "View actions menu", (three vertical dots far right of the resource title) and select "Report broken link". Image of view actions menu high lighting report broken link option on ReadingLists@Brighton list


Tips on using your reading list

Notes and importance

Academic staff may add notes to reading lists to clarify a readings importance, or give it some context. 
Image of notes and importance on ReadingLists@Brighton list
Table of contents

To navigate directly to a section click  "Table of Contents" to view the sections and select the one you want to jump to.
  Image of table of contents drop down box on ReadingLists@Brighton list 
Type of resource

Click "Type: All" to filter the list according to resource type, e.g. Article, Book etc..
Image of type all drop down box used to filter the list by resource type on ReadingLists@brighton list
Citation style

Reformat each list to your chosen citation style – click "Citation Style:" and then you will see a drop-down list giving you a selection of styles.

Image of citation style drop down box on ReadingLists@Brighton list
Reading intentions and personal notes

Plan your time and set a reading intention for each item.

personal notes to each item.  All personal notes are private to you, they are also available to you from your profile page under the "My notes" tab.  You will need to sign in using your university username and password to access them.
Image of reading intentions and personal notes links on ReadingLists@Brighton list