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Media collection

The media collection includes television programmes, radio programmes, music, feature films, sound recordings, and documentaries. 

It is provided in two ways: either via our media streaming service BoB (Box of Broadcasts) or as DVDs/CDs/videos shelved in the library.

To search for television and radio programmes:

To search for commercial purchases of sound recordings / feature films / documentaries:

NB: BoB is not searchable via OneSearch.

TRILT (The Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching)

For UK television and radio broadcast data, use TRILT. It contains listings for more than 475 TV and radio channels with data from 1995 onward.

BoB (Box of Broadcasts)

BoB (Box of Broadcasts) is a fully interactive service providing access to over 60 television and radio channels.

Access BoB via the front page of the Online Library

BoB: How to Videos


BoB: Curated Playlists




Archival Material

Viewing archive films can give you a cultural, political, and historic perspective on the subject of the film and the time period in which it was made. With the growth in digitisation projects, many archive films are available online.


The referencing style used by University of Brighton is Harvard Cite them Right. Log into the Cite them Right resource below for guidance on referencing and bibliographies. If you would like to use an online tool to help you build an online reference list we recommend using either EndNote or ZoteroBib software.