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Welcome to your guide to the library resources that have a focus on wellbeing, health and self care.

On the HOME tab you will find some of our recommended resources as well as links to services that you can access if you would like further support with mental health.

Under EXPLORE you'll find a more in depth look at some of the books and eresources that you can access freely via the university library service and elsewhere.

Putting together this guide we have been inspired by the Five Ways to Wellbeing model. For more information see the NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing.

The five ways to wellbeing. Learn. Stay active. Connect. Take notice. Give

Recommended Resources

A laptop resting on a bedsheet with a cup of tea and a ukulele

LinkedIn Learning

You're at uni - you're already learning, right? Taking an interest in a new skill has been shown to boost your wellbeing, and resources such as LinkedIn Learning offers a range of learning materials on personal and professional development topics. It's available free to University of Brighton students and staff.

There's some fantastic videos giving introductions to topics like mindfulness, creativity and yoga that are free to access. They are short and designed for all levels of experience and knowledge so a great way to dip your toe into some techniques that promote health and wellbeing. 

LinkedIn Learning

A person putting on running gear

Easy ways to get active

Getting and staying active is a great way to improve your mental as well as physical wellbeing, and it doesn't necessarily mean shelling out for the gym. It could be as simple as getting out for a walk once a day and really taking the time to notice what's around you - as well as getting active it's a great way to practise mindfulness. Or, join a sports club and meet some new people at the same time.

Sport Brighton


The NHS website has a list of great ways to get fit for free:

NHS - Get fit for free




Three hands with connected fingertips

Connect with your fellow students

Being away from home can be hard, and finding ways to meet new friends can be a daunting task. Get involved with Brighton Students' Union activities to help connect you with likeminded people, or try expanding your horizons by going for something completely new. You could join a society, help raise funds by charity volunteering or get involved with the student newspaper, TV and radio stations.

BSU Activities



Further Support


Student Services

The wellbeing of all students is a priority for the University of Brighton. Dedicated support is available from our Student Services team which includes online advice and guidance on a range of issues as well as extra help via our wellbeing services.

Student Services


UoB Students' Union Support

Support from the Students' Union on everything related to your time in Brighton as a student, whether that is housing, education or wellbeing. Plus the popular Quarantea and biscuits, providing a virtual space to come together and share information.

BSU Support



The University is signed up to Togetherall, an online service and community that provides support with anxiety, depression and other mental health isues. Login with your University username and password to access the service and find out more.