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Welcome to this guide to the library resources that you can draw on to establish your own self care routine.

On the HOME tab you will find some of our recommended resources as well as some links to services that you can access for further support with managing your health and wellbeing. University is not just about studying, and maintaining a healthy mind and body isn't either, go to the WATCH & LISTEN tab to see some of our favourite videos and podcasts for an important break from study. Under EXPLORE you'll find a more in depth look at some of the books and e-resources that you can access via the library and remotely.  

Our wellbeing is as multifaceted as we are; there are lots of ways to promote good health and as such we are inspired by the five ways to wellbeing model. For more information see the NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing and the New Economics Foundation's guide to wellbeing during the pandemic.

Recommended Resources of the Month: December

Be creative: Sketch a Day app

This app is a platform for you to make sketches on your phone. Receive prompts and inspiration to make daily drawings, which when you are feel like you lack focus or motivation can be really encouraging. Via the app you'll be part of a community of other sketchers; comments and likes help you to connect.

We can all draw, and being creative and perhaps using your hands (and phone!) in a different way can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Our source says no level of ability is required, this is for everyone.  

Sketch a Day


Self help tips: Student Wellbeing Guide

Another ebook recommendation this month, and one from a new series designed for University students, Dominique Thompson's Student Wellbeing Series. With the vacation period coming up now is a good time to think about how you look after your wellbeing at home as well as whilst at University. Staying Well and Safe @ University has a chapter devoted to the end of term as well as advice on navigating almost every aspect of life at University, social and academic.  

This guide along with others in the series is easy to read and written by a specialist in the field of student mental health. Available to download or read online now. 


Staying Well & Safe at University




Further Support


Student Services

The wellbeing of all students is a priority for the University of Brighton. Dedicated support is available from our Student Services team which includes online advice and guidance on a range of issues as well as extra help via our wellbeing services.

Student Services


UoB Students' Union Support

Support from the Students' Union on everything related to your time in Brighton as a student, whether that is housing, education or wellbeing. Plus the popular Quarantea and biscuits, providing a virtual space to come together and share information.

BSU Support



The University is signed up to Togetherall, an online service and community that provides support with anxiety, depression and other mental health isues. Login with your University username and password to access the service and find out more.