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Online Anatomy & Physiology Resources

This page gives you links to a range of free online resources on anatomy and physiology, including eBooks, websites and interactive web resources. You should refer to your course reading list or tutor recommendations for more specific resources. 


Recent Anatomy eBooks


The Funky Professor - Quirky free YouTube tutorials from Professor Vishy Mahadeven, Professor of Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

TeachMeAnatomy - a series of short videos on different parts of the body

Clinics in Motion -  a series of educational physiotherapy videos on YouTube

Multi Resource Websites

Anatomy Zone – includes a 3D interactive anatomy atlas, video tutorials, flash cards & quizzes

Get Body Smart  - interactive tutorials and quizzes, includes a layering tool and videos

Gray's Anatomy - the complete 1918 edition of Gray's anatomy online.  

TeachMeAnatomy - a comprehensive visual anatomy encyclopedia.

Anatomical Images  - images from the Visible Human Project sponsored by the National Library of Medicine plus quizzes

Innerbody - easy to navigate resource which provides a visual representation of a chosen anatomical structure as well as a brief description of it.

Instant Anatomy - variety of resources including videos, podcasts, quizzes, lectures and Q&As. Some available free but others require subscription.

Free Anatomy Apps

Teach Me Anatomy - an anatomy encyclopedia with over 1000 images, videos and 3D models. Available for Apple and Android devices.

 Essential Skeleton 4 - only available on Apple operating systems. The fully 3D and intricately detailed images, along with a host of intuitive functions, makes this a very user friendly tool.

Anatomy Musclesonly available on Android devices. Zoom in and out of detailed images and alter your point of view to see a structure from different angles. Also provides information regarding muscle attachment and function.

Visual Anatomy Free – interactive reference tool with 3D rotational models & animations. Available for Apple and Android devices

3D models

Zygote Body – an interactive 3D model which allows you to layer between bone, muscle and nervous system etc. Extra features available through a subscription.