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Information about how to submit your work


Video and Audio Submissions : Introduction

Video and audio files are submitted following the same process in StudentCentral. The instructions on this page apply to both types of media (video and audio), but please note that .m4a files (iPhone and iPad native audio format) are not accepted and need to be converted to .mp3, .wav, or .wma. Guidance for conversion is typically provided in your module where this applies.


Video and audio files can be quite large, so uploading a video or audio project directly into a submission point in StudentCentral will often fail. However, by using the university’s video service mediastream, and the built-in mediastream embedding tool, you can easily submit a video or audio project to your submission point in StudentCentral. This is a two step process.  First, uploading your video/audio project to Mediastream.  Then using the mediastream tool in StudentCentral to submit it.

Step 1


Direct link to the the video (fullscreen):

Step 1 : Uploading your video to Mediastream


First, you have to log in to Mediastream.  Go to

Click on the icon (arrow) at the top left-hand side of the screen.
Screenshot of the login page for mediastream

Log in with your usual university alpha-numeric username and password. (The same that you use for StudentCentral). Then click login.

Screenshot showing logging into mediastream

Now you can see the ‘upload’ button in Mediastream. Click on it to begin.

Screenshot showing the upload button

Click on the Browse button on this window.

Screenshot showing the Browse button for upload

My demo student has the video in their OneDrive, so that’s where I’m going to go. You may also have the video somewhere on your computer.

Screenshot showing OneDrive in file explorer

We have to go and find the video file now.

Screenshot showing video folder

Once we’ve found our video, click on it to highlight it (1) and then click Open (2)

Screenshot showing the video file

Because it’s living in OneDrive for this example, it must ‘download’ to your computer. It shouldn’t take long.

Screenshot showing selection of the video file

Once it’s downloaded to the computer, it will begin ‘uploading’ to Mediastream. You will see a green progress bar. Wait until it gets all the way to ‘100%’ and then you’ll see a next button appear.

Screenshot showing progress of the upload

Screenshot showing the Next button

On this next page, all of the fields have to be filled out. (1) Title of your video, (2) The category should be set to Personal. This keeps your video private only to you, and not the rest of the university! (3) Fill in a brief description of your video. (4) It’s best to ‘tag’ your video with your module-code to make it easier for you to find later. Finally, (5) tick the box that says it’s your video and you ‘own’ it. Then the next button will be available (6) Click Next.
Screenshot showing the addition of video info

On this next page, you can choose a thumbnail for your video. Do so, and then click next.

Screenshot showing the selection of thumbnail

Don’t worry about anything on this page. Just ignore it, and click next.

Screenshot shows a page you can skip

Then a confirmation page appears. Click Finish.
Screenshot showing the Finish button

Feel free to log out of Mediastream at this time.
Screenshot showing the logout button

So ends the first step in our process. Next we will proceed to the module area in StudentCentral to actually submit this video for assessment.

Continue to Step 2 below.




Step 2


Direct link to the the video (fullscreen):

Step 2: Submitting a video project in StudentCentral

Go to your module and then go to the Assessment area in the module.

Screenshot showing the assessment area in sc

Make sure you’re submitting to a StudentCentral assignment point, NOT a Turnitin one. The logos look very different. You want to submit to a submission point like the one at which the arrow is pointing.

This may seem strange, but here you must click on the “Write Submission” button.

Screenshot showing the write submission button

If you only have one-row on this menu, click on the double-down arrow button to get the entire three-row menu.

Screenshot showing the write submission text area

Click on the Mashups button.

Screenshot showing the mashup tool button

Choose mediastream as your option.

Screenshot showing the mediastream link in mashups

As you’ve already uploaded your video to Mediastream, choose the search button.

Screenshot showing the search option

You may need to filter to find your video. Change "All media" to My media and "Category" to Personal.

Screenshot showing the process of searching media

Your recently uploaded video should now be the top choice (if it wasn’t already). Click on the Select button to select it.

Screenshot showing the process of selection

Depending how speedy the internet is, you may see this page for a ‘flash’ or it could take a few seconds

Be patient. Do not close this window. Wait for it to go away on it’s own.

Once the white window has closed, you will see your video embedded in the text area (red line) Do not forget to click on the Submit button to finalise and submit your video.

Once you’ve clicked submit, you will see “Success message” bar appear, with your digital receipt number. This is a successful submission.
Screenshot showing the video in submission point