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Information about how to submit your work

Important! Read before using this guidance


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Please note we are transitioning My Studies to a new interface called 'Ultra'. The instructions on this page are only relevant to the few courses that are still using the 'Original' interface for their modules.

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If your module looks as the first image above - these resources are correct for your course. Please continue to use the resources on this page



sxcreenshot of an ultra module

If your module looks like the second image above - Your course is using the new Ultra interface, and you need to use a different esubmission guide, available here

What is My Studies assignment tool?

The My Studies assignment tool is often used when Turnitin is either not required or not appropriate. This may include multiple files, or multimedia submissions for example.

Technical Checklist

Supported browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. The recommended browser for My Studies is Firefox.

Supported file types for My Studies assignments: My Studies assignments can accept any file type - please check with your tutor what file type you are required to submit.

File size limit: There is no file size limit for My Studies assignments, however we recommend you avoid uploading large files (more than 200mb) as your browser is likely to timeout and prevent you from submitting. 

How to submit

My Studies assignment tool submission points typically look like the image shown below.

Screenshot of a My Studies assignment link

Are you submitting a video/audio? Click here for how to submit video/audio

Step 1 - Prepare your file for submission

  • Check the name of your assignment file, if any of the following points apply, then rename your file prior to upload.
    • Make sure the length of the file name is less than 25 characters long, e.g., ThisFileNameHereWouldBeTooLong.pdf is not good.
    • Check that you do not have fullstops in the file name other than immediately before the file extension,
      e.g., FileOkay.pdf is good. Not.Okay.pdf is not good.
    • Make sure that there are no special characters in your file title, e.g., &*!?<+[=]
  • Find your Assignment submission point in the module or course area on My Studies. This is usually in a menu item called 'Assessment and Marks'. You'll then see a folder called 'Assignment Submission Points'. Click on this folder to see the submission points. Ask your tutor or course administrator if you are not certain.
  • Click the assignment submission title.
    screenshot of my studies showing the assessment and marks area highlighting, and an example my studies assignment

Step 2 - Upload your assignment file

  • In the Upload Assignment page that opens, review any Assignment Information shown (e.g., Due Date or instructions)
  • Under Assignment Submission, you have two choices.
  • You can click 'Write Submission' and type your assessment directly into My Studies. This should only be used if your tutor has specifically asked you to do so.
  • You can also click 'Browse My Computer' and select a file from your computer to upload. 
  • In the pop up window that opens, find and select the file from where it’s stored (e.g. on your computer or a memory stick). Click the Open (MAC) or Choose (PC) button to attach the file.
  • Note: You can repeat this process to attach multiple files for submission. You can also click 'Do not attach' next to the file(s) you want to remove.

Step 3 - Complete your submission

  • There is a comments section if you wish to make a comment for your tutor to see. Please note that if you require an extension or wish to submit mitigating circumstances this should be done according to your school's guidelines.
  • Click the Submit button to complete the process.

  • Be patient while your file uploads, depending on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection this may take a little time.
  • You are then taken to the Review Submissions History page where your submitted assignment is shown on screen for review. A purple success message is shown at the top of page confirming the submission and this contains a copy of your unique submission confirmation number. This number is included on your digital receipt which you can view at any time by going to the My Marks area of the module. You will also receive an email copy of this receipt.
  • If you see the message 'conversion in progress' displayed, do not worry. You can still proceed. We do recommend checking back later once the work has been processed so you can check your submission is displaying correctly.

    screenshot of My Studies with submission ID highlighted at the top of the screen
  • Click OK to exit.

Want to submit a draft and submit later?

Only save a draft if you need to return to your assignment at a later date to edit or add it before the due date. Warning: You must click the Submit button on the Upload Assignment page to complete the submission process. Your tutor will not receive your assignment unless you do so

  • Click the assignment submission title to enter it.
  • In the Review Submission History page, click the Continue button to open the Upload Assignment page.

  • Follow the instructions for How to submit your work above. Ensure this time you click Submit to complete the submission process.
  • When you re-submit your assignment it is shown as a numbered Attempt in Review Submission History.

Resubmit an assignment

You can re-submit your work before the Due Date, if your tutor has enabled this feature.

  • Click the assignment submission title to enter it.
  • In the Review Submission History page, click the Start New button to open the Upload Assignment page.

    a screenshot of my studies showing the Start New button highlighted
  • Follow the instructions for How to submit your work above.
  • When you re-submit your assignment it is shown as a numbered Attempt in Review Submission History.

Your tutor will be able to see the number of attempts you make and the files you’ve uploaded.