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Information about how to submit your work

Important - Read before using this guidance


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Please note we are transitioning My Studies to a new interface called 'Ultra'. The instructions on this page are only relevant to the few courses that are still using the 'Original' interface for their modules.

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If your module looks as the first image above - these resources are correct for your course. Please continue to use the resources on this page



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If your module looks like the second image above - Your course is using the new Ultra interface, and you need to use a different esubmission guide, available here

Where to submit your assignments

Turnitin submission points and My Studies assignment submission points are typically provided in the 'Assessment and Marks' area of your module.

screenshot of the 2022/23 module menu with assessment and marks area highlighted

eSubmission Help Page

Use this page to get help with submitting your assignment electronically (eSubmission).

If you have any issues submitting your work, you can contact the University Service Desk

My Studies assignments

My Studies assignments are often used where the Turnitin service is not required or is not suitable. This may include non-standard file types and video assessments.

Click here for help submitting a My Studies assignment

Screenshot of a My Studies assignment link

Turnitin assignments

Turnitin is for submitting text-based assignments including essays, reports, and some presentations. Turnitin offers an similarity checking service, which compares the text of your submitted assignment against text from a wide range of electronic sources.

Click here for help submitting with Turnitin

sceenshot of turnitin submssion point

Panopto video and audio assignments

Panopto is the university’s video service. The built-in Panopto embedding tool allows you to submit a video or audio file to a submission point in My Studies.

Click here for help submitting Panopto video or audio assignments

Screenshot of a Panopto Video assignment submission point in My Studies

Checking your marks

Your tutor may choose to mark your work electronically, giving your marks and/or feedback online.

Click here for help checking your marks online

screenshot of my marks link