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Referencing Styles

EndNote and EndNote Online allows you to format your references into many different styles. There are thousands to choose from, or, if you are using the Desktop version of EndNote you can edit an existing referencing style to make it match what you need.

You should check your module handbook or check with your lecturer to find out which referencing style you are expected to use.

Editing Referencing Styles in EndNote Desktop

If you can't find the referencing style you need in EndNote desktop check in the list of  EndNote Output Styles  to see if it is available to download.  Choose from 5,000+ styles including specific journal and publishers.

University of Brighton referencing styles can be found below. These will need to be saved into the Styles folder on your computer.

University of Brighton Referencing Styles in EndNote Online

Different schools across the University of Brighton use different referencing conventions. Most schools use an Author-Date method of referencing but some, for example medical courses, may use a numbered system like Vancouver. You will need to check your module handbook to check which style you need to use.

Some schools have a custom made referencing style which you can use in EndNote and EndNote Online. In EndNote Online these styles are pre-loaded and you can find them in the main list of bibliographic styles. It is a good idea to add the style you regularly use into your favourites by clicking on the Select Favourites link. In EndNote desktop these styles will have to be manually added.

In EndNote Online you can find a style by going to Format > Bibliography > Bibliographic style.

In Word you can adjust the Bibliographic Style in the Endnote tab.

Editing a Referencing Style in EndNote Desktop.

This video from the University of Michigan shows you how to edit a style so it exactly matches what you need. They use a slighty older version of EndNote in the video but the instructions are exactly the same for UoB members. Note this can only be done in the desktop version of EndNote not EndNote Online.

If you would prefer print instructions please use the  EndNote instructions on editing styles.