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What is Cite While You Write (CWYW)?

CWYW is a tool that inserts your references into a Word document as in-text citations and automatically creates a reference list in your chosen referencing style.

Once you have created a reference library in EndNote you can link up your library to a Word document and insert citations directly into the text of your document.

This process is called Cite While You Write. This page should give you all the guidance you need on linking your EndNote Library to Word and adding references.

Downloading the CWYW Plug-in for Word in EndNote Online

In order to use EndNote Online with Word (or Pages on a Mac) you will need to download the Cite While You Write Plug-In.

If you are using EndNote on campus the CWYW plug-in is already installed. The CWYW plug-in is also automatically installed when downloading the desktop version of EndNote.  If you are using EndNote Online at home you will need to download the plug-in from the Downloads tab in in your EndNote library. The Cite While You Write function works slightly differently on a Mac with Word or with Apple Pages. Select the appropriate link below to the instructions for installing the CWYW plug-in for either Windows or Mac.


Adding Citations to a Word Document

The CWYW plug-in installs an EndNote toolbar in Microsoft Word which allows you to insert and edit citations.


  • Click on Insert Citations to search for the reference in your EndNote library
  • Click on Insert to add the citation to your document
  • The chosen reference will appear as an in-text citation and will also be added to the reference list at the end of your document

CWYW for Windows: Editing Citations in a Word Document

  •  Edit all citations via the Edit citations button. If you do not do this your changes will not be saved the next time you update your document.
  • Use the Prefix and Suffix fields to add details to your citation. Use the Prefix field to add details that go BEFORE the citation, for example, a secondary reference. Use the Suffix field to add page numbers.
  • Always remember to add spaces when using the Prefix and Suffix felds as EndNote will not add these in automatically. e.g if adding in page numbers into the Suffix field type 'spacebar'  then type p.34.